Professional make-up kit - transparent bags, vanity cases and cases.

Makeup work requires speed, efficient operation and practical solutions. Constant rush, changing jobs and traveling, accompanied by constantly moving cosmetics, they require functional accessories. KACASE transparent accessories are the answer to all the needs of make-up artists that every professional will appreciate.


KACASE is a brand of professional line of makeup tools and accessory cases designed by a Aneta Kacprzak, a makeup artist with 20 years of professional experience in media environment. Each piece of KACASE range was expertly handcrafted in Poland (Europe) with great attention to detail. Every aspect of KACASE Set – its shape, choice of materials, variety of sizes - was thoroughly thought out in order to suit any type of activity and place of work where easy access to essentials is an invaluable asset. Quality materials and handmade sewing meet any requirement of professionalists.

The KACASE products are made of light, clear vinyl known for its resistance to abrasion and creasing, and a precisly chosen type of a functional and hygenic surface.

The working style of a professional make-up artist requires excellent organization, flexible approach and ability to work in various conditions and under time pressure. When these conditions are met, I am able to give the people with whom I cooperate my full attention and care. I like it when everything runs smoothly and in a great atmosphere.

For many years I have been looking for makeup accessories that would facilitate my type of work. Because nothing could satisfy my expectations and needs, I decided to design my own collection. Guided by my suggestions, it was my Mom who sewed the prototypes of Pencils Case and Brush Case. Then I designed transparent beauty cases and a unique transparent bag I have always dreamed of. This is how the KACASE brand came to life. Kacprzak Aneta CASE.

Aneta Kacprzak
woman  (fot. Adam Bondarowicz) Aneta Kacprzak (fot. Beata Jastrzębska)
KACASE Professional Clear Bag • Black
Gross price 119.00 €
Makeup Cases
KACASE Profesjonalna kosmetyczka czarna, duża
Gross price 89.00 €
Makeup Cases
KACASE Profesjonalna kosmetyczka czarna, mała
Gross price 69.00 €
Brush & Pencil Cases
KACASE Profesjonalne etui na kredki czarne
Gross price 189.00 €
Brush & Pencil Cases
KACASE Profesjonalne etui na pędzle czarne
Gross price 149.00 €
Makeup Cases
KACASE Profesjonalna kieszonka transparentna
Gross price 49.00 €